Murray Cod Australia (MCA) is a vertically-integrated producer of premium Murray cod. Based in the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area (MIA), southern NSW, Australia local irrigators have diversified into aquaculture – the world's fastest growing food production sector*.

With strong domestic and global demand for sustainably-farmed Murray cod, MCA is well-positioned to be the largest and dominant supplier of the native Australian fish – and there is significant growth potential, given aquaculture of Murray cod is in its infancy.

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MCA is an attractive investment proposition, as follows:

High-value commodity

Murray cod is sought-after as a table fish (high omega-3 levels) by consumers and chefs.

Quality price premium

Higher prices are paid for Murray cod, when compared with than other farmed species in Australia and Asia because of the premium quality of the flesh – firm, white-fleshed fish with gelatinous qualities, that make it the best steaming fish in the world.

Expanded value chain

By managing all aspects of the value chain, including hatchery, nursery and grow out ponds, MCA can control traceability, quality and profits margins from the process of growing fish. That’s why many high-margin customers are prepared to pay a premium for our Murray cod.

Low eco-footprint

Fish are grown sustainably in their natural habitat, using existing agricultural resources. The same water can be used twice, first in the fish ponds, then the nutrient-enriched water is used to irrigate crops.

Limited competition

Unlike many of other fish species, there is no wild catch of Murray cod. They grow in no other river system in the world, and there are very few Murray cod producers to act as competition.